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FIC: Abandon; Chapter 31 ~ Tom(Voldemort)/Harry; others ~ NC-17

Title: Abandon
Author: batsutousai
Beta: magickmaker17
Pairings: Harry/Tom(Voldemort), Seamus/Blaise, Ginevra/Theodore, post-Ron/Hermione
Warnings: This will have slash(Guys on guys, ppl.), Dumbledore bashing, Ron bashing
Disclaim Her: All I wanted for Christmas was the rights to Harry Potter!! Instead, I got a book and a calendar.



Chapter 31


Harry couldn’t help but smile at the Dark Lord who slept next to him, face softened by a peaceful sleep. He ran a finger across one cheek gently.

“Harry?” Tom blinked up at him sleepily. “What’s wrong?”

Harry shrugged, glancing up at the clock on the other side of the bed. It clicked to midnight and he smiled back down at the older wizard. “I was wondering if I might give you one of your Christmas presents now.”

Tom blinked a few times and turned to glance at the clock himself. “It’s the middle of the night, Harry.”

Harry’s face fell. “Or not.”

The Dark Lord sighed and reached up to cup one of Harry’s cheeks. “Of course you can give me your gift now, dear one. I’m sorry.”

Harry smiled a slow smile, leaning down to kiss the older man. Good.

So, where’s this present?
Tom asked slyly as Harry drew back from the kiss.

Did you want a material possession, then? Harry replied, still smiling.

Tom cocked an eyebrow at the teen. “What did you have in mind, Mr Potter?”

“You know I love you, right?” Harry said by way of response, suddenly serious.

“Of course. But, what does that…” Tom’s eyes widened in shock as he caught on. “You’re sure?”

“Yes.” Harry suddenly turned, somehow managing to pull Tom over on top of him. “I’m yours. Period.”

Tom let out a sharp breath, searching Harry’s eyes frantically. When he was sure Harry wasn’t about to panic, he nodded and lowered his head to kiss the teen gently.

Harry immediately opened his mouth to the seeking tongue as he rose his hands to run them over Tom’s bare torso, feather-light touch sliding over the red-eyed man’s pale skin.

Tom took one of Harry’s hands in his own, holding it tightly. His free hand tugged gently at Harry’s sweats until the teen raised his hips off the bed and let the Dark Lord pull them off. The trousers floated gently to rest over the back of a chair and Harry let out a soft laugh.

“What now?”

“Neat freak.”

Tom grinned. “Shut up, you.”

Harry only laughed harder.

Tom rolled his eyes and lifted the hand he held to his lips, setting a soft kiss on the palm which managed to silence the laughter. “Much better,” the Dark Lord murmured in the silence. “Now, one last time, because I’m anal. You’re sure?”

Harry couldn’t help but smile. “Next person who says Lord Voldemort has no heart needs to be smacked.” Tom scowled. “Yes, Tom, I’m sure. And, if you ask one more time, you’re on the bottom.”

Tom cocked an eyebrow at the teen. “I’ve never seen you as the sort to threaten in bed, Mr Potter.”

Harry grinned and tugged at Tom’s trousers. “Off, Mr Riddle.”

Tom smacked the hand away and frowned. “Hands to yourself. We’re doing this my way.”

“With your trousers on?”

“All in good time, Harry. All in good time. Now, relax,” Tom added before leaning down to kiss Harry again.

Harry sighed into the kiss and closed his eyes, twisting his free hand in Tom’s hair. Is that allowed?

Tom smiled and slid his free hand down to rest on Harry’s hip. Yes. He replied before moving his lips to kiss at the spot just behind Harry’s right ear. The teen let out a hiss and closed his eyes. Like that, do you?


Tom chuckled. :Good.:

Harry shivered. You make Parseltongue sound like a sin.

:Is that supposed to be a bad thing?: Tom hissed back teasingly before he pulled back from the green-eyed teen. :Turn around.:

Harry blinked at him owlishly. “Why?” Tom frowned at him. “Oh, very well…” Harry sighed and turned around, laying face down on the bed.

Tom smiled and ran the palm of his hand over Harry’s arse. :My way, remember?:

Mental note: Never tell a Slytherin when something can be used to their advantage, Harry muttered, shivering slightly.

:I heard that…: Tom hissed teasingly as he slid a finger down between Harry’s cheeks.


Tom laughed and leaned down to place a kiss on Harry’s tailbone. The errant finger paused over the pucker between Harry’s cheeks and circled around it lazily, earning a hiss from Harry. :Like that?:

“Yes…” Harry closed his eyes and buried his face in his pillow. Yes.

Tom smiled and used his hands to push the two cheeks apart then leaned his head down to lick gently at Harry’s pucker.

Harry moaned and tightened his grip on the pillow. Merlin, Tom…

Yes? Did you want something?
Tom teased, swiping his tongue around the hole.

Harry’s thought came out as a whimper, More?

Of course,
Tom agreed. Then, murmuring a soft spell to lengthen his tongue, he slid it into Harry’s arse hole with ease.

Harry let out a muffled shout into the pillow. Fuck!

You alright?
Tom asked, concerned, as he pulled his tongue out.

Do that again!

Oh, you liked it,
the Dark Lord commented, thrusting the lengthened muscle back into the teen beneath him. Then, before the younger wizard could do more than moan, he began slowly tongue-fucking Harry’s arsehole, which was followed by nothing but moans.

Tom finally decided that the younger man was plenty relaxed and pulled away from his arse, pausing long enough to swipe his tongue up the teen’s crack. Harry turned to blink slowly at him. “Wha–?“ Then he saw that Tom was finally taking off his sweats and he grinned. “ ‘Bout damn time.”

“Silence.” Tom growled, tossing his trousers at the chair Harry’s rested on, but not bothering to make sure they got there. “On your knees, lovely.” Harry sighed and complied while Tom spat on his hands to slick up his cock. :Ready?: The Dark Lord inquired in a sexy hiss as he positioned himself at Harry’s entrance.

Harry let out a low moan. “Yes…”

Tom settled his hands on Harry’s hips and slowly pressed himself into the smaller wizard. Once in up to his balls, he stopped moving his lower body and leaned over Harry’s back to kiss behind his right ear again. :Your call, love.:

Harry turned his head and caught the teasing lips with his own. Fuck me, Tom. I’ve been ready.

Tom bit Harry’s lower lip gently as he started moving his hips. Just like the Slytherin you are, hm?

You bet,
came the reply, followed by a gasp as Tom’s hand wrapped around his weeping and neglected cock. Ooooh, you bastard…

the Dark Lord inquired, sliding his hand up and down the teen slowly.

Yes... Harry whispered in their minds, closing his eyes and losing himself in the feelings.

Tom started moving faster as he felt himself nearing completion. :Come for me, Harry,: he hissed against the younger wizard’s kiss-swollen lips.

Harry gave out a sound half-way between a sob and a cry of delight as his body tensed, then sent his seed spilling over his lover’s hand. His muscles tightened around Tom and the Dark Lord buried himself deep inside the teen and came, hissing nonsense.

Spent, Harry collapsed onto the mattress with a groan. Tom laid down next to him, then used the hand he’d slid beneath the smaller wizard before to pull Harry against his chest. All right?

Better than all right,
Harry murmured sleepily, burying his face in Tom’s chest. Love you.

I love you too, Harry.
Tom sighed, pulling out his wand and muttering a quick cleaning spell. Then he kissed the lightning bolt on Harry’s forehead and closed his eyes. Sweet dreams.


The banging on their bedroom door woke the two up. “Boys! Wakey, wakey!”

Tom threw an unlit candle at the door. “Away, demon!”

Harry sniggered and pulled himself from the bed while Ginny’s wild laughter and hurried footsteps echoed through the hall. “Come on, Tom. Presents.”

Tom cocked an eyebrow at Harry and smirked, eyeing his very naked state. “I’ve already received the only one that was worth anything, though.”

Harry blushed and turned around to retrieve his trousers. “Get up, Tom.”

Tom chuckled and stood, stretching.

“Look at the view!” Harry laughed, eyeing Tom’s backside. “Where’d the tattoo come from, anyway?”

Tom glanced over his shoulder at the dark brown serpent on his tailbone. “It’s not a tattoo.”

“Then what is it?” Harry hopped over the bed and ran a finger along the snake.

Tom shivered and turned so he could face the green-eyed young man, smirking as he sat back quickly. “Birthmark.”

“Heir of Slytherin. I should have known.” Harry straightened and pulled Tom into a kiss. Happy Christmas.

Tom pulled away carefully as he felt a sudden weight against his throat and glanced down. “What is it?”

Harry smiled and held up a mirror that Tom could have sworn hadn’t been there before to let the man look at the silver pendent at his throat. “TMR… Harry, I can’t wear this at school.”

“Yes, you can. Imagine you’re Marcus. You don’t have to change form, just imagine that’s who you are,” Harry suggested slyly, smirking.

Tom scowled and closed his eyes. I am Marcus Brutùs. He opened his eyes and glanced down at the necklace which now spelled out MJB. “So, it depends on who I am?” He glanced up at Harry.

“No. It depends on who they think you are. Or believe you are.” Harry smiled. “Now, where’s my present?”

Tom sighed and set down the mirror on the bedside table. “I suppose I can give it to you now. It was going to wait until tonight…” he added, wandering over to get his trousers.


“Death Eater meeting.” The Dark Lord tossed him a small box. “Open it, then.”

Harry scowled and popped the box open, gasping when he saw the necklace inside. “It’s amazing, Tom. But, what’s so special about it?”

Tom pulled the necklace from the box and set it about Harry’s neck. It was a silver Dark Mark with a red wand and a green wand crossed in front of it. “It’ll allow you to call the Death Eaters In-Training.”

“Wait, the what?!” Harry spun to stare at Tom in shock.

Tom held up another necklace like Harry’s, but without the wands. “I’m giving these to Gin, Draco, Theodore, Blaise, and Pansy tonight. The semi-official name is Death Eaters In-Training. I’m putting you in charge of them. Sort of.”

“Tom, I don’t want-“

“Harry, hush.” Tom set a finger over the teen’s mouth, silencing him as his gaze turned serious. “You are not running them, they report to you about whatever you all are planning in the school. You report to me if you feel the need to. You want me to take out the torture-to-prove-yourself clause, I need some other way to screen potentials. You are that other way. Please help me with this, love?”

Harry sighed and lifted a hand to finger the pendent. “It turns into something else around school?”

“It becomes invisible, but it also has spells on it to keep others from wondering what you’re playing with if you do so. The only people who can see it are those with a Dark Mark either burned into their skin or around their throat.”

Harry nodded slowly, eyes locked on the twin wands. “I see…”

Tom slipped a finger beneath Harry’s chin and rose his head to meet his gaze. “Harr–“

“Geeentlemeeen! We’re waaaiiiting!” Ginny called through the door in a sing-song voice.

“Gin, do you mind? We’re busy!” Harry shouted back hotly.


Harry gave Tom a quick kiss before running out into the hall. “Ginevra Weasley! I’m going to murder you!”

Tom peeked his head out into the hallway just quickly enough to see the two students run around the corner, Ginny laughing madly as Harry attempted to throttle her.


“So, what were you two doing?” Hermione inquired once Ginny and Harry were properly worn out and had joined the other three students and Tom next to the Christmas tree in the main sitting room.

“Exchanging gifts,” Tom replied, shrugging. “Speaking of presents, any of those for me?”

“How old are you?” Ginny asked sarcastically as Theodore pulled out a gift for each of the group, all wrapped in the same paper.

“Let’s see, these are all group presents…” Theodore nodded. “Draco, do you want to explain?”

The Malfoy heir grinned. “Okay, Theodore, Pansy, Blaise, and I have, for years, got together and done group gifts. Everyone would get a different piece for everyone else and we’d trade them. This year, we decided to do protective charm bracelets. Pansy got the bracelets and the other three of us got different charms. We voted and decided to get you, Gin and Harry, the bracelets as well. Pansy managed to talk us into getting a set for Hermione later on.”

“My Lord, the gift for you is from myself, Pansy, and Blaise,” Theodore added while he passed the packages out.

“Who would have guessed? Slytherins in agreement!” Ginny joked, earning her a punch from her boyfriend as he passed her her gift.

“Open them, then,” Tom suggested softly once Theodore had sat back down.

There was the sound of ripping paper. “What do the different charms mean?” Harry inquired, glancing at the three charms attached to his bracelet.

“They mean–“ Draco paused, glancing at Tom, who was sitting behind Harry. “My Lord?”

Theodore started laughing as he got a look at the Dark Lord’s face. “We did hope you liked them, of course…”

Harry poked his head up to look into the still half-wrapped dish on Tom’s lap and cracked up. “Sherbet lemons? How’d you find them? They’re a Muggle sweet!”

“Blaise got them. His mum’s got a Muggle friend who ordered them for us,” Theodore replied happily.

“No killing my friends,” Harry warned his lover, shaking a finger in Tom’s face.

The Dark Lord scowled at Theodore. “I wasn’t thinking about killing them…”

“No practising Dark Arts on them, either. Or Muggle torture methods.”

“What’s left?!” Tom cried, looking into serious green eyes.

“Laughing at the joke and saying ‘thank you’,” Ginny suggested, reaching for another present, only to have her hand smacked away by Theodore.

“You could slip them to Dumbledore with a poison of some sort in them,” Hermione suggested meekly before glancing at Draco. “Now, what do the charms do?” she asked in the silence while everyone stared at her in shock.

“Uh…oh! Yes, sorry. The charm with the potions vial is mine, it’s charmed against most of the fatal poisons. Theodore’s, which looks like a blast, is charmed against minor Light hexes. Blaise’s, the wine glass, is charmed against getting drunk,” the blond explained.

“Little late for that last one, don’t you think?” Ginny teased, grinning at Hermione, who replied with a scowl.

“Well, Blaise says that Hermione was the reason he picked that one, to keep the scenario from repeating itself,” Theodore offered with a shrug.

“It’s wonderful. Thank you,” Harry said softly, slipping the bracelet on. The two girls hummed in agreement and followed his example.

Draco leaned over and picked a small box up from the pile before chucking it at the Dark Lord, who caught it. “From me. Father said I could give it to you.”

Tom nodded and unwrapped the box, nodding his thanks to the Malfoy heir as he pulled out a small silver ring in the shape of a cobra. It hissed a greeting at him, to which he replied.

“Put it on and stop talking to it, please,” Harry murmured, eyeing the other four people in the room, who all looked mildly unsettled.

Tom chuckled and settled the ring on his right index finger. “You’d think they’d be used to it.”

“Shut up, you.” Harry stood to gather the gifts he’d got for everyone. “Dray.” He tossed the blond a thin, rectangular box. “Open it. I want to see everyone’s reactions separately."

“He’s picky like that,” Tom offered as Draco attacked the wrapping paper calmly.

“Stuff it,” Harry shot back.

“Wow…” Draco froze, staring at the item in the box. “That’s amazing, Harry. Thank you.”

“Put it on!” Harry urged, grinning madly.

Draco pulled out the white gold necklace with a “D” pendent. The “D” was made of alternating green emeralds and diamonds.

“Great Merlin, Harry. How much money did you spend on everyone?” Tom muttered while Draco slipped the necklace on and under his night shirt.

Harry shrugged. “Not horrible amounts. Some of them were in the Potter family vault that I got the key to on my birthday.” He tossed a large object at Hermione. “Go on.”

Hermione grinned and pulled off the paper, squealing and launching herself at her best friend after seeing what it was. “Oh, gods, thank you! I didn’t have the money to buy one at the book store when we went!”

Harry laughed and hugged her tightly. “I thought so. And you’re welcome.”

Ginny leaned over and picked up the book Wizarding Baby Care, For Muggleborns. “Here’s one book Herm can’t find in the library.”

Everyone laughed as Hermione settled back down in her seat, hugging her new book to her chest after getting it back from Ginny.

Harry handed Theodore a small box. “I had no clue what to get you, I’m afraid,” he added, smiling apologetically.

Theodore pulled the paper off and smiled at the raven-haired teen. “It’s fine. Can never have too many candies!”

“No, I suppose not,” Harry replied over the laughter. He waited until everyone had calmed down before handing Ginny a small box.

Ginny opened the gift and gasped. “Fuck…” she whispered, tears gathering at the corners of her eyes.

“You’re like a sister to me, Gin, you really are. Agree to make it legal?” Harry asked softly.

Ginny jumped up and hugged Harry tightly. “Yes. Yes yes yes yes.”

Theodore picked up the dropped box and pulled out a gold ring with the Potter family crest to show it to the other three in the room. “Hey, Gin, if you wear it on your left ring finger, you can freak out Ronald.”

Ginny laughed tearfully and pulled away from Harry to get her ring back from her boyfriend. “Thank you, Harry.”

The Boy-Who-Lived kissed her gently on her forehead. “We can sign the papers later. Lucius has them.” Ginny nodded, wiping at her eyes. “Now sit.”

Ginny laughed again. “You sit. I’ll hand out my pathetic gifts now.”

“I’m sure they’re fine,” Draco offered.

Ginny shrugged and handed all of the students similar medium-sized boxes and Tom a book-shaped one. “Go on, then. Open them.”

There was the sound of ripping paper, then an undignified shout from Tom. “Why is everyone pranking me today?!” He held up the black diary that looked exactly like the one he’d made back in school that had made Ginny open the Chamber back in her first year and an ink well of invisible ink.

Everyone laughed. “Because we love you, Tom,” Harry offered, pulling out a chocolate frog from Ginny’s gift.

Tom leaned over and ruffled Harry’s mop of hair. “Shut up.”

“I figured you needed a new one, since Harry kinda stabbed your old one with that fang,” Ginny offered with a shrug. “The ink is to keep you, hopefully, from repeating the spells on the last one.”

“Vitare’s dead, anyway,” Tom muttered, setting the diary and ink with the dish of lemon sherbets.

“Oooookay!” Hermione stood and grabbed the pile of stuff from her as Ginny sat, laughing silently at the pout on Tom’s face. She quickly passed out the pile.

“Wow, Herm. This is much better than all those homework planners,” Harry commented, flipping through the black pages of his new silver and gold journal. The other three students had also received journals. Draco’s was silver and green, Theodore’s was silver and red, and Ginny’s was red and gold.

Tom grinned and nodded to Hermione. “I have no clue how you found out, but thank you.”

Hermione shrugged. “You left your last one out the first day I visited.”

“A drawing pad?!” Ginny scowled. “Since when have you been an artist?”

Tom cocked an eyebrow at the girl. “Since I was ten, if you must know.”

“I never knew that…” Harry frowned at the Dark Lord. “I want to see some of these works of yours.”

Tom shrugged. “Later.”

“What about the rest of us?!” Ginny shouted, incensed.

Tom shrugged again. “I’ll have to hide a few, first.”

Harry blushed a bright red and turned around to smack the Dark Lord’s leg while everyone laughed. “Prat.”

“Anyone want their gift from Seamus?” Theodore inquired.

“Yes!” everyone called back.

Six identical boxes were tossed out and opened to reveal more wizarding candy.

“Lack of creativity,” Theodore decided with a smile at both Ginny and Harry. Everyone laughed again.

Accio,” Tom muttered, calling a book-shaped gift to him, which he then held out to Hermione. “Everyone else will get their gifts later.”

Hermione unwrapped the gift with a smile, which faltered when she saw what it was. She held up the book, Legal Dark Arts for the Not-So-Dark, with a curious look.

“My dear Miss Granger, consider it a text to allow you to read ahead for my class if you must. Otherwise, recall that you have become integrated into a group whose members all know at least some Dark spells, both legal and illegal. It’s also got the counter spells, so you won’t find yourself lost if someone decides to hex you for some reason,” Tom supplied in a calm voice.

Hermione appeared to think about that before nodding. “Thank you, then.”

“There’s some more stuff down here…” Theodore muttered, pulling out four more tightly wrapped gifts. “Uhm, His Lordiness, from The Twins…” He held out the package, covering his eyes, as if terrified by Tom’s response.

Harry laughed and handed it over. “What’d they get you, then?”

Tom opened it and his expression brightened. “Ooh. Prank set.”

Harry and Ginny traded looks before moaning hopelessly.

“Hermione, from Molly, Arthur, and The Twins.” Theodore tossed her the package.

The bushy haired teen pulled open the gift and pulled out the yearly Weasley sweater, a bag of brownies, and a wand, which the witch waved and, with a loud bang, it turned into a book on the history of wands. “Hey, they finally caught on.” Everyone laughed again.

“Right. Gin, from Mum, Dad, and The Twins.”

Ginny took the package gently and opened it as cautiously as she could. She also got a sweater and a bag of brownies. The Twins had also included a coupon to their shop for twenty Galleons and an owl order catalogue. “Oh, brilliant.”

“Harry, same group.” Theodore tossed over the package.

Harry pulled it open with a grin. He got the Weasley sweater, a bag of brownies, and a book on prank potions. “Ooh… Too bad I’ve made up with Snape.”

“Not that that’s going to stop you,” Hermione muttered around a brownie.

“Chew with your mouth closed.” Harry retorted, pulling on the sweater.

“And Harry Potter is finally wearing a shirt!” Ginny called. A wad of wrapping paper from Harry hit her in the face and she laughed.

“You’re not done yet.”

Everyone turned to see Lucius and Narcissa in the doorway with packages in their arms.

“Well, come in, then,” Harry suggested while Theodore and Draco made room for the two elder Malfoys.

Narcissa set a gift in Draco’s hands as she passed, pausing to get a look at his new necklace, which had slipped out from under his shirt. “This is lovely. Who’s it from?”

“Harry.” Draco smiled, tucking the necklace back under his shirt again.

Narcissa smiled at the raven-haired teen. “Very nice,” she offered, sitting down next to her son. Harry smiled back.

Draco glanced around quickly before diving in to his present, failing horribly at opening it with dignity, though no one commented. “Wow…” he murmured as he pulled out an Invisibility Cloak. “It’s wonderful. Thank you, Mother, Father.”

“Happy Christmas, Draco,” Narcissa offered, hugging her son.

Lucius offered his son a quick smile before handing a gift from his pile over to Tom. “My Lord.”

Tom opened the gift slowly, ignoring the constant poking from Harry. “This is lovely, Lucius, Narcissa. My thanks,” he murmured, standing to sling the black velvet cloak around his shoulders.

Harry leaned over to get a good look at the silver serpent clasp once he’d sat back down. “That is nice.”

Narcissa smiled and handed Harry a bundle. “Good.”

Harry cocked an eyebrow at her curiously as he opened his gift. It was a forest green velvet cloak with a silver griffin for the clasp. “Thank you,” he managed, also putting his on. Tom smiled and drew the teen down into his lap.

“Of course. Miss Granger.” Lucius handed Hermione a gift.

“Thank you.” The brunette witch sighed as she pulled out the deep purple velvet cloak. Her clasp was a gold griffin. “It’s perfectly beautiful.”

Ted was handed his next from Lucius. His velvet cloak was a dark brown and had a silver serpent for a clasp. “Thank you. My old cloak was wearing through, actually.”

“I’m glad we could be of use,” Narcissa offered with a friendly wink as she handed Ginny her package.

Ginny unwrapped the gift to find a velvet cloak in a deep red. The clasp was made of a gold griffin. She nodded to the two Malfoys wordlessly and put it on, hugging it to herself. Theodore slid onto the floor behind her and drew her back against his chest. “Cold?”

“Nope.” Ginny glanced up at Lucius. “Warming Charms?”

The blond-haired man smiled faintly. “Yes, actually.”

Ginny nodded again and glanced over at Harry who grinned. “Right. Lucius, do you happen to have those papers on you?”

Lucius drew a piece of parchment from a pocket within his robe and handed it to Ginny with a quill. “May I see the ring, Miss Weasley?”

Ginny pulled the ring off and handed it over before leaning over the legal document and reading through it. Once done, she signed it with a smile and handed it back to the blond wizard, receiving her ring back in trade. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure.” Lucius nodded to Harry, putting the parchment back into his pocket. “I’ll send it to the Ministry today.”

Harry nodded. “Make sure they know not to let Molly or Arthur know?”

“Of course.”

“Oh, yeah. You’re supposed to be my boyfriend.” Ginny rolled her eyes. “That’s such a pain.”

Harry laughed. “Well, how about some breakfast?”

“It’s all set up in the minor dining room,” Narcissa announced.

Everyone rose to leave, but Tom held Harry back. Lucius also remained, frowning.

“My Lord?” he inquired once the room had emptied. Harry was also giving Tom a curious look.

“Lucius, I’ve made Harry my second. He’ll be in charge of the Death Eaters In-Training.”

“As well as having seniority over the rest of us.” Lucius nodded. “Understood.”

“You didn’t mention that,” Harry muttered, frowning.

“Must have slipped my mind,” Tom replied with a shrug.

“Has it also slipped your mind how to run?” the teen inquired sweetly.

Tom gave Harry a brief kiss upon the top of his head before leaving the room at a quick walk.

Lucius chuckled, surprising Harry. “You're good for him.”

Harry nodded. “And he’s good for me, I believe. I’m not sure how I would have made it through this year if we hadn’t run in to one another over the summer.”

Lucius settled a hand on the other wizard’s shoulder with an easy smile. “Truthfully, I’m not so sure how we Death Eaters would have made it through the year if you two had not run into one another over the summer.”

Harry let out a bright laugh and the two left the room together, chatting.


“I’m not wearing that.”

“It’s just a black robe.”

“I’m still not wearing it.”

“Oh, come on. Everyone else has to wear them.”

“I’m not ‘everyone else’.”

Tom and Harry traded glares.

“Why must you be difficult about this?”

“I’m sick of wearing black robes. It’s all we wear at school. Why can’t I just wear my new cloak?”

“With what? Your Muggle clothing?! No!”

Harry merely glared.

“Fine, I’ll make you a deal. You wear the damned robe and you can wear your cloak too.”

“And no white mask.”

“I’m not planning on making you wear a white mask, Harry. You’re in charge and they need to know who to listen to.”

“Oh, fine.” Harry grabbed the robe from Tom’s grip and set it on the bed next to his cloak before pulling off his sweater.

Tom stepped up behind the teen and slipped his arms around him, hugging Harry to his chest. “Don’t be mad at me?” he whispered in the other’s ear.

Harry sighed and closed his eyes, resting his head back against Tom’s shoulder. “I’m not angry at you, Tom. I’m just a little stressed out. I didn’t think I’d be facing all of the Death Eaters like this until the summer.”

“I’m sorry, love, but this seemed like the best time to do this.”

“I know. And it is better that we have a system set up that Dumbledore can’t detect.” The teen sighed again and tugged away from the embrace. “What are you doing to keep Herm occupied?”

“Narcissa was going to show her all of Draco’s old baby things and let her choose some stuff.”

Harry smiled sadly as he pulled on the robe. “Poor Herm.”

“What is Dumbledore planning on doing for her once the baby is born? She can’t very well stay in the dorm.”

“I have no clue, actually. It never really occurred to me…” Harry ran a hand through his hair and pulled the Dark Mark necklace out from under the robe before picking up his cloak and throwing it over his shoulders, clasping it in front with ease. He turned to face Tom. “How do I look?”

“Absolutely stunning,” Tom murmured, leaning over to kiss the teen softly.

Harry smiled. “Then I guess we’re ready?”

“Not quite.”


“No.” Tom closed his eyes and slowly morphed into Lord Voldemort. “Now we’re ready,” he hissed.

Harry shuddered. “Do me a favour and stick with your Tom form when you can?”

Voldemort laughed coldly. “Of course. This is just to terrify people.”

“It’s working.” Harry nodded.

Voldemort ruffled Harry’s hair with a smirk. “Sorry.”

Harry snorted. “Don’t ever ruffle my hair when you look like that again. It’s fucking creepy.”

Voldemort laughed again before leading Harry to the door. “Note made.”

:Just follow you, right?:

:Right… Why’d you switch to Parseltongue? Not that I’m complaining!:

:It sounds more natural for you to speak in Parsel than for you to speak in English.:

:Picky, picky.:

:Shut up, Voldie.:

:What have I told you about calling me that?:

:I promise not to call you ‘Voldie’ in front of the Death Eaters. Stop whining.:

:I don’t whine.:

:Yes, you do.:

:Do not.:

:Do too.:

:Do not.:

:Do too. Aren’t we here?:

:Yes. Everyone should be here already. The in-coming trainees will be brought in by Lucius when I give the word. Ready?:

Harry took a deep breath and nodded. :Ready.:

:Good. And, Harry?:


:I do not whine,:
Voldemort commented before pushing the door open and striding into the room.

Harry scowled and followed him.



A/N: Next chapter will focus on the inductions and the Death Eaters’ reactions to Harry Potter being in control of them. *winks*
Sadly, it will probably be fairly short, as well. At least, as far as I can see, it will be. Of course, this chapter’s not all that long without the lemon, so I should just go shut up now… *sweatdrop*

I drew out a list of stats on all the charms – the ones from Pan, Dray, Ted, and Bini gave everyone – and posted it on deviantArt. There's also sketches of the necklaces Harry gave Tom and Dray, and the Death Eater In-Training pendants.

~Batsutousai ^.^x

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