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FIC: Abandon; Chapter 29 ~ Tom(Voldemort)/Harry ~ R/NC-17

Title: Abandon
Author: batsutousai
Beta: magickmaker17
Pairings: Harry/Tom(Voldemort)
Warnings: This will have slash(Guys on guys, ppl.).
Disclaim Her: I have PoA!! *dances*



Chapter 29


"You're going to the Dursleys?" Ginny frowned. "Without Tom?"

Harry shrugged. "Yeah."

"I thought you'd sworn to never go back there." Hermione pursed her lips. "Why change that so suddenly?"

Harry ran a hand through his hair with a sigh. He'd known that, out of his four friends, Hermione and Ginny would be the least likely to understand. "I just have to, okay? And you can't tell Tom."

"Wait. Wait, wait, wait." Draco levelled piercing grey eyes on the Boy-Who-Lived. "You're going without telling Tom?"

"Yeah." Harry shrugged again. "Why?"

"Are you mental?!" Ginny stepped forward so she was in Harry's face. "Going alone, perhaps that I can understand, but going with telling anyone–"

Harry cut her off, annoyed, "Hardly. I've told you four, haven't I? I just don't want Tom coming after me."

"That's suicide!"

"It is not." Harry scowled. "If I need his help, I will call for it. If he needs me, he can call for me. One of those lovely things about the connection we share."

"I think it's insane, then." Hermione sighed. "But we can hardly stop you, now can we?"

Harry smiled. "Nope. I'd hex you out of my way."

"Oh, very well." Ginny scowled. "But if you're not back in an hour, I'm telling Tom."

"Three hours."

"Hour and a half."

"Two hours, then."

Ginny narrowed her eyes. "Hour and a half, Harry."

"Two hours."

"Hour and three quarters. Stop arguing," Draco cut in.

"Fine," the two Gryffindors agreed with one voice, glaring at one another.

"Bye." Theodore laughed, finally speaking. "Best to go before your time's up, Harry."

"Good point, that." Harry nodded firmly to his friends. "Bye." He turned and left the room, heading from the front hall, where the anti-apparation wards ended.

"Going to go see Tom, now," Ginny said cheerfully.

Theodore and Draco pointed their wands at her and Hermione groaned, shaking her head. "Ginny, you've just promised to wait an hour and forty-five minutes before going to talk to Tom."

"And, Gin, dear, I'd hate to have to tie you up," Theodore offered.

"You're not serious." Ginny gaped. "You expect me to wait here while Harry goes, alone, to the Dursleys?"

"No, of course not!" Draco replied sarcastically. "Our wands are pointed at you to get you there quicker!"

"Stop threatening her, you two. Ginny, sit down," Hermione said firmly, pointing to a chair next the red-head. Ginny scowled, but sat. "Look, Harry's a big lad, now. If he wants to go face the Dursleys seriously, more power to him. Give him his chance to face his demons alone."

"You're the one who's so determined to see Harry and Tom happy," Theodore added pointedly. "This might be just what Harry needs."

"Exactly!" Hermione sighed, relieved. "Please, Ginny. Give Harry his chance?"

"Oh, very well." Ginny sat back in her chair darkly. "But I don't have to like it."

"What is this, PMS?" Draco grumbled, turning to sit in his own chair.

A pillow hit the back of Draco's head and he turned to see a smirking Ginny. "You bet, hun."

"Wonderful." Draco groaned.

Hermione and Theodore laughed.


Harry glanced around at Privet Drive nervously as he stepped out from behind the tree between numbers seven and nine. The place hadn't changed much since he'd last been there. All the houses were still perfect in every way; even the piles of snow were perfect.

His eyes slipped over to number four and he winced. Vernon's car was in the driveway, just what he didn't need. He'd based his timing on Vernon's work schedule. Oh well. Can't fault me for trying. Harry sighed before crossing the street to the Dursleys' home.


Harry turned and blinked at the wizened old lady staring at him incredulously from a few metres down the street and couldn't help but smile as the woman stepped closer to him. "Hello, Ms Figg."

"What are you doing here? Why aren't you at school?" Arabella Figg asked in shock. But, before Harry could answer, she shook her head and answered herself, calming from the surprise of seeing the boy. "No, wait. Winter holidays have started, haven't they? Where are you staying? Not here, surely…"

"No, I'm staying at the Malfoys'," the wizard replied with a shrug.

"The Malfoys'?!" Arabella held a hand to her breast, looking mildly horrified. "Good Merlin, Harry. Whatever has gone through your head?"

Harry shrugged again. "Draco's my friend, and he invited myself and Ginny Weasley over for the holidays. Hermione Granger, too, when he realized we wanted her with."

"A Malfoy inviting over a Muggle-born? Didn't his father throw a fit? And what about You-Know-Who?"

"No, Mr Malfoy was surprisingly okay with it. I think he's slipping from Voldemort's grasp, you know." Harry offered a reassuring smile. "At any rate, I'm just here to wish the Dursleys a happy Christmas."

"Oh, I'd be careful," Arabella warned, shaking a wrinkled finger in Harry's face. "That last prank you played got Vernon killed, you know. Dumbledore covered for you, but it was very foolish."

Harry gaped at her in shock. "Vernon's dead? As in gone for good?"

"Yes." Arabella did not look amused. "Petunia's been working her behind off, and Dudley's broken-hearted; he seems to think it was his fault."

Harry couldn't stop the smile that took over his face, though he did his best to curb it. "Oh, I see. Thank you, Ms Figg. I'm just going to go say hullo to them…"

Arabella pursed her lips at Harry's retreating back as he walked up the sidewalk to the house. "Something funny about that boy," she decided before turning and leaving to tell Dumbledore what she'd heard. Interesting, the boy staying at the home of a known and rather high-ranking Death Eater.

Harry, meanwhile, was knocking on the door, mentally patting himself on the back for a job well-done. That should give Dumbledore some things to think about.

The door opened to Dudley's fat face. The cousins stared at each other for a long moment before Dudley's face broke out into a nasty snarl. "You fucking wanker. I'm going to kill you!"

Harry pulled out his wand, gaze cool and calm. "Let me in or spend the rest of your life as a pig, Dudley."

Dudley immediately cowered under the threat and opened the door wider to let Harry in. "Freak."

"Don't tempt me." Harry growled before smiling slowly, an idea coming to mind suddenly. "Hey, Dudley, guess what. My boyfriend enjoys killing people who insult me."

Dudley slammed his mouth shut and, with a glare at a smirking Harry, led the wizard into the kitchen where Aunt Petunia was putting on the teapot.

"Hello, Aunt Petunia," Harry said pleasantly.

Petunia let out a scream and backed up against the stove, which, since the teapot was heating up on one of the front burners, got the sleeve of her sweater caught on fire. Harry sat at the table, watching in amusement as the woman rushed to put out the flames that he, himself, had endured in the past.

Once safely unlit, Petunia turned back to Harry with hate-filled eyes. "What do you want, boy?" she spat.

Harry smiled slightly and twirled his wand in his hands, watching it rather than the two Muggles also in the room. "I have a proposition for you."

"I don't make deals with your sort," Petunia hissed.

Harry shrugged and made to stand. "Very well. It's your life on the line, though."

"No! Sit, sit! Would you like some tea? A biscuit perhaps?" Petunia asked quickly, eyes wide in terror. Dudley had pressed himself into the wall, as if he could disappear if he tried hard enough.

Harry sat back down with a slight smile. "No, thank you. I don't intend on staying long. Dudley, you can't do magic, so I'd stop trying to become one with the wall, if I were you," he added cruelly.

Dudley whimpered.

Petunia sat across from Harry, twisting her hands in her lap. "What do you want?"

Harry's smile widened dangerously. "I made a pact of peace with Lord Voldemort when you left me in London over the summer and, since then, we have become friends, of a sort. He is rather appalled by the treatment I received while here, and, in fact, had made plans to bring this house down upon your heads. I dissuaded him, but I cannot keep him at bay for long, no matter the state of our friendship." He paused here, glancing up to see what sort of effect this was having on his aunt and enjoying it.

Petunia was wringing her hands nervously. She was not a stupid woman; she understood what he was saying and was terrified. Her nephew, whom she'd allowed to be mistreated – even helped the process along at times – had aligned himself with the greatest Dark Lord of the century, and the evil wizard was not pleased with the childhood Harry had endured. "Wha-what do you want? Vernon's dead and–"

"I'm aware of that," Harry cut her off. "What I want is a simple thing and, if you give it to me, you may live peacefully for the rest of your years, as long as you don't run across Voldemort in a bad mood, of course."

"Name it," the Muggle whispered, licking her lips.

"Dudley," the green-eyed wizard said, dropping the proverbial bomb and sitting back to enjoy the effects.

Dudley let out a strangled cry and fled the room. Petunia gasped, hands going up to cover her mouth. She appeared horrified, eyes wide. Her life, or her son's. "I–" She stopped, biting her lip as the tears started.

"May I warn you now that, if you don't just give me Dudley, I'll let Voldemort have his way and you'll both die," Harry added, enjoying himself. Merlin, I've changed. Enjoying tormenting my aunt like this? Tom's really affecting my head, not that I mind…

"Why?" Petunia asked suddenly, breaking into Harry's thoughts. "What has Diddy done that I haven't? He's the perfect little angel. We always encouraged him in bullying you. Why him and not me?"

Harry's gaze chilled suddenly and he glared at the woman. "Angel? Angel? That's no angel, I can assure you, and he deserves to die," the young man hissed.

"Diddy is too an angel!" Petunia shouted, standing to tower over her nephew.

"You have no clue what he has done," Harry murmured. He hadn't thought so, but this proved it. Of course, if she does know, she could just not care, which means I might as well let Tom do as he wishes.

"Then why don't you tell me," Petunia shot back. "Tell me what Diddy has done that's so horrible that it's condemned him to death at the hands of that-that– that monster!"

Harry stood sharply, eyes blazing. "Don't call him that."

"Harry, as pleasing as it is for you to try and protect my good name and all that, I believe it's quite pointless by now," a voice said mildly from the kitchen doorway.

Harry and Petunia both spun to look over at the speaker. Tom stood in the doorway, red hair tied back, with a hand gripping Dudley's shoulder tightly. "Tom, what are you doing here?" Harry enquired in as normal a voice as he could muster.

"Coming after you," the Dark Lord replied calmly, cocking an eyebrow at the younger wizard. "And, I must admit, you're doing a better job at covering your tracks, but you should know better."

Harry scowled. "Obviously, but I'll have you know that I can take care of myself, thankyouverymuch."

"Or so I've been told." Tom let go of Dudley's shoulder. "Have a seat, Mrs Dursley, Mr Dursley," he suggested.

Dudley, shaking and obviously terrified, sat next to his mother, who had sat back down quietly at the suggested order.

Harry gave Tom a curious look as the Dark Lord motioned towards the teapot, which was whistling loudly in the silence, and magically poured four cups of tea. The cups floated over to the table as Tom sat next to where Harry had been sitting formerly. Sit, love, he suggested mentally, voice kind. Harry sat dully and took his teacup to sip at it.

"You're Voldemort, aren't you?" the woman finally asked, breaking into the heavy silence.

Tom smirked. "Yes."

"I– I thought–"

"That Harry was keeping me from coming?" Tom raised an eyebrow at the Muggle, who nodded numbly. "Hardly. He just forgot to mention he was coming." He sent Harry a sharp look, to which Harry offered a scowl.

"I didn't forget to mention anything. In fact, I specifically told the others to keep their mouths shut."

"And they did." Tom smiled fondly. "I just heard you talking to them."

"Figures." Harry set his teacup back down on the table. "Bastard."

"Brat." Tom snorted and leaned back in his chair to look over the Dursleys. "Where's Vernon?"

"Dead," Harry replied shortly.

Tom turned to look at the teen, startled. "Since when?"

Harry cocked an eyebrow at Dudley, who turned an angry red. "The pig offed him for us."

Tom blinked a few times, deciphering Harry's coded words silently, before bursting out in insane laughter.

"It's hardly funny," Harry grumbled.

"Harry, my dear, you have this amazing ability when it comes to doing stupid things and getting people killed." Tom chuckled.

"I can't see what's so amusing about that." The younger wizard crossed his hands over his chest and sat back in his chair, eyes firmly locked on his teacup.

Tom frowned. "I apologize."

A sad smile stole across Harry's face, but he didn't look up. "Doesn't matter."

"Are you two sleeping together?" Dudley cut in, voice nasty.

"No," Harry replied tightly, shooting his cousin an angry look.

"Is there something wrong with that?" Tom enquired calmly, leaning his elbows on the table and gazing at Dudley.

"Of course. It's disgusting," Dudley agreed, crossing his arms over his chest and giving the Dark Lord a look of superiority.

"In what way is two men sleeping together of their own choice disgusting, where as group of boys raping another boy is not?" Tom asked mildly.

Dudley froze.

"Are you implying my Diddy raped someone?" Petunia demanded furiously, pale eyes glaring at the Dark Lord. She only faltered slightly when Tom turned to look at her.

"I am implying nothing, Mrs Dursley. I'm stating a fact."

"Tom…" Harry whispered."

"Shut up, Harry," Tom shot back, eyes still meeting Petunia's coldly. "I am telling you that your son and his little gang raped Harry last summer."

"I wouldn't touch that freak if you paid me!" Dudley shouted.

"We can easily find out," Tom continued in an even voice as he pulled something out of his pocket. "Severus kindly leant me his vial of Veritaserum."

"Leant, or was forced to hand it over?" Harry muttered darkly even as he called Dudley's untouched tea over so Tom could put some in it.

"So sad that you don't trust me, Harry." The Dark Lord mock sighed, putting in two drops and letting Harry hand it back over. "Drink, Mr Dursley.

"What is this stuff?" Dudley asked, frowning at his cup.

"You took Latin, you figure it out," Harry suggested sharply, leaning back in his chair.

"I don't remember," Dudley spat, glaring at his cousin.

"Truth serum, idiot," Harry shot back.

Tom set a hand on Harry's shoulder gently, as if to calm him, and Harry silenced. "If you'd please, Mr Dursley."

"I don't see why it has to be me," Dudley muttered even as he took a long drink of the drugged tea.

Everyone waited in silence as the Veritaserum took effect. When Dudley's eyelids had drooped, Tom nodded. Harry, could you put in four drops from the vial in my left pocket into his tea? he asked mentally before speaking out loud, "What is your name?"

"Dudley Dursley," Dudley murmured in a monotone as Harry magicked over his cup to put in the antidote.

"Good. Now, did you rape Harry Potter last summer?"


Petunia turned to stare at her son in horror. "Dudley…"

"And he's such a good fuck, too. Dad was right," Dudley finished. Harry flinched as he set the cup back in front of Dudley.

Tom turned and stared at Harry, who wouldn't meet his eyes. "Your father, Dudley?"

"Yeah." Dudley smiled slightly. "Dad said he used to fuck the freak all the time before he had to go to his madhouse."

Tom's eyes were blazing with fury at this, though his voice was even as he spoke again. "Thank you, Dudley. Please have some more tea."

"Okay," Dudley agreed, taking another long drink of his tea. Upon coming to, he turned to his mother. "Mum?"

"Shut up," Petunia replied, face pale. "Just shut up." Then she turned to Tom, who was watching the exchange coldly. "Take him, then."

"My pleasure," Tom assured her, pulling out his wand to shrink the boy, who'd started sobbing. "A pleasure doing business with you, Mrs Dursley," he added, standing and offering a hand to shake.

"L-likewise," Petunia stuttered, also rising and taking the offered hand. Then she turned to Harry. "Harry… I-I'm sorry. I was unaware of all this."

Harry shrugged nonchalantly. "What's done is done."

"Please tell me you're not quoting Dumbledore in my presence," Tom muttered, collecting the miniature Dudley.

"Actually, I think that was you," Harry replied, smiling.

Tom scowled.

Petunia stepped over to Harry, who was still sitting, and hugged him, surprising the teen. "We've treated you so horribly– I've treated you so horribly, but…"

Harry bit his lip and returned his aunt's hug. "It's not your fault." Which was true; Petunia couldn't control the actions of her son and husband if she didn't know about them, and her hatred hadn't been aimed at him, specifically, but the world that had stolen her sister from her. He understood that, now.

Harry, we should go. I believe Gin's going to start searching for me soon, to tell me where you went, Tom's voice slid through Harry's mind softly.

Harry smiled and pulled away from his aunt. "Right. We have to leave."

Petunia smiled sadly. "I'll understand if you don't want to, but, feel free to visit." Her eyes shot between Tom and Harry. "Peacefully?"

"Harry has made me swear not to kill you," Tom assured the woman evenly.

"We'll see." Harry sighed, standing. "I might just."

Petunia's smile brightened. "Right, then. Off you go."

Tom held out a hand, which Harry took, and apparated them away.


"Ha! I didn't have to do a thing!" Ginny shouted as soon as the two wizards stepped into the study.

"Shut up, Gin," Draco muttered.

"How'd it go?" Hermione inquired softly.

"You know how I turned them all in to animals?" Harry asked brightly.

"…Yes…" Hermione blinked suspiciously. "Why?"

"Dudley accidentally killed Vernon." Harry tossed himself into a chair with a very pleased look on his face.

"That's just too rich!" Ginny laughed. Theodore and Draco both smiled while Hermione sighed helplessly.

Tom smirked. "And we brought something back with us."

"Please tell me it's not guts or something?" Hermione begged.

Tom made a face. "Like I'd keep guts in my pocket. I'd ruin a robe!"

"Sure you aren't a Malfoy?" Ginny teased.

"He's a Riddle," Harry assured her. "It's all in the blood."

"Think you're soooo funny, don't you, Potter," Tom grumbled, pulling the miniature Dudley from his pocket. "Perhaps you don't want your cousin, then."

"Not particularly." Harry shrugged. "Have fun with him."

This brought a squeal from the mini Dudley, who started begging Harry to save him in his tiny voice. The other four Hogwarts students watched on in shock.

Tom brought the boy to eye-level with a cold look. "If you don't shut up, you'll find out just how painful life can be," the Dark Lord threatened.

Dudley shut up.

"Not that he's not going to anyway," Harry added, smirking.

"Can I help?" Draco requested.

"Me too," Theodore added in.

Harry stared at the two boys in shock while Ginny laughed and Hermione looked appalled. "You're joking?"

"No, not really." Theodore shrugged.

"Anyway, Death Eater initiates have to torture and kill someone before they can receive the Dark Mark," Draco added lightly.

"Why am I not surprised?" Harry muttered, turning to frown at Tom.

"I am not changing what's worked for years just because you're squeamish," Tom told Harry before turning to the two Slytherin boys. "We shall see. However, neither of you will be receiving the Mark until after school is over."

"Understood," the two young men answered as one, nodding.

"I want to help," Ginny said suddenly, brown eyes bright.

"Ginny!" Hermione cried, horrified.

"Oh, finally picked a side, have you?" Tom teased, ignoring Hermione.

"I said I wanted to help torture the fuck out of him, I said nothing about taking your Mark, Tom," Ginny pointed out firmly.

"Have you picked a side, though?" Harry asked softly.

Ginny smiled. "Yes. After all, someone has to keep an eye on you two."

"As if we can't do it," Draco muttered darkly, glaring at Ginny.

"Can you?" Ginny replied sweetly.

Draco scowled.

"Snap out of it, Herm," Harry said suddenly, drawing everyone's gazes to the brunette Gryffindor, who looked absolutely horrified. "You knew we'd all been corrupted when you joined our little group."

"But, torturing and killing a boy?" Hermione whispered.

"That boy is the type of trash that needs to be exterminated," Draco hissed with feeling.

"The last thing we need is to have him rape another boy," Ginny said softly. "And it wouldn't surprise me if he would have or already has."

"Gin has a point, Hermione." Theodore hummed. "And, no, I'm not just saying that because she's my girlfriend."

This got a round of laughter from everyone in the room, even Hermione.

"My Lord?" Everyone turned to look at Lucius, who stood in the doorway. "Some of the Death Eaters are here to speak with you."

Tom glanced at Harry. "Hair."

Harry stood, emerald-green eyes serious. "Only if I can come with you."

Everyone in the room froze as Tom stared at Harry in shock.


"Because they need to get used to seeing me?" Harry replied. "I understand that most of them know that my loyalties were in question, but only Lucius knows anything more than that."

"What about spies?" Tom inquired mildly as he slipped Dudley back into a pocket, much to the boy's annoyance. "Shut up, Dursley."

"The only one I'm aware of was Snape." Harry glanced at Hermione and Ginny, both of whom nodded in agreement. "And he's on our side again."

"Severus was the only one in question as far as I knew," Lucius agreed.

"Who's here?" Tom asked.

"Bella, Rodolphus, Antonin, and Wormtail," Lucius replied.

Tom sighed and glanced over at Harry. "No hexing them."

Harry scowled, but nodded. "Agreed."

Tom nodded. "Very well. Harry and I will speak with those four. Lucius, stay here and keep these students busy. Harry, fix my hair."

Harry smiled and pointed his wand at Tom's head, muttering the spell that would change it and allow Tom to do as he wished with it, like make him bald when he changed, which had been a part of the prank. As soon as his hair was back to normal, Tom morphed into Lord Voldemort, smirking as both Ginny and Hermione flinched.

"Stop that," Harry ordered, poking the Dark Lord's arm and receiving a scowl. "Come on, then."

Voldemort nodded and led the younger wizard from the study and down the hall to the meeting room. As the two entered, the four Death Eaters all rose and bowed.

"M-my L-L-Lord?" Wormtail stuttered, watching Harry nervously. Bellatrix Lestrange and Antonin Dolohov were staring at the teen in shock while Rodolphus Lestrange watched on stonily.

"Harry is on our side," Voldemort informed the four. "You will give him your respect."

"And what sort of respect would that be?" Bellatrix spat, eyes boring into Harry's. The two were glaring hatefully at one another.

"Jealousy is not becoming of you, Bella," Voldemort admonished. "And you will give Harry the same respect you give me."

Wild eyes flashed dangerously as Bellatrix continued glaring at Harry. Harry smiled at her. "I don't think she's listening to you, Tom."

"Bellatrix," Voldemort's voice was chilled.

Bellatrix glanced over at the Dark Lord and found herself faced with the end of his wand and his blazing eyes. She swallowed with difficulty. "I apologise, my Lord, Master Potter," she whispered, bowing her head. The look she shot Harry once Voldemort had turned his gaze from her, though, told Harry just how apologetic she really was and Harry rolled his eyes.

"Sit. Tell me what you have come here for," the Dark Lord ordered, seating himself in a rather regal-looking chair with a high back. The Death Eaters hurried to return to their own seats while Harry stood next to Voldemort. Aren't you going to sit?

No. I don't feel like conjuring a chair right now, and I'd rather stay with you than sit across from you,
Harry replied.

As you wish.

"My Lord, there have been, rumours," Antonin started.

"Rumours?" Voldemort narrowed his eyes. "There are always rumours. What are so important about these ones?"

"They say there's a high-ranking Death Eater working at Hogwarts. But this Death Eater is not one we know of," Bellatrix said highly.

Harry couldn't hold back his laugh, much to the annoyance of the four Death Eaters and the amusement of Voldemort.

"What, Master Potter, might be so funny?" Bellatrix enquired as politely as she could through gritted teeth.

"Shall I tell them, then?" Harry asked Voldemort, eyes dancing in amusement.

"If you must." The Dark Lord sighed, frowning at his followers.

"The rumours both are and aren't true," Harry explained patiently. "Severus Snape is working at Hogwarts, as is another member of the Dark Order. In fact, he's in this room."

"Would that be you?" Bellatrix asked sweetly.

Harry's eyes narrowed. "I do not work at Hogwarts, Bellatrix, I go to school there. Get it straight."

"My Lord?" Rodolphus was staring at Voldemort in shock. "You've been at Hogwarts?"

This statement shocked Bellatrix out of the glaring contest she'd started with Harry once again and she turned to stare at her Lord. "My Lord, that's dangerous!"

"I'm well aware of that, Bella. However, I have multiple students backing me, as well as non-students."

"Dumbledore doesn't trust Slytherins, though," Wormtail murmured before looking up at Harry and meeting the emerald-green eyes for the first time that day. "Unless… Master Potter, have you been helping our Lord?"

"Perhaps." Harry raised an eyebrow at the animagus. "And perhaps I'm not the only one."

"The Weasley girl. She is very dark for a Gryffindor. She is probably helping you…"

I thought you said he was stupid.

I said he was annoying as hell. I said nothing about stupid,
Voldemort replied to Harry in annoyance. "Very good, Wormtail," he hissed aloud soothingly. "Very, very good. Dumbledore can hardly suspect the auror friend of Harry Potter and Ginevra Weasley, can he?"

"No, no, of course not, my Lord. Very clever, my Lord," Wormtail agreed, much to Bellatrix's disgust.

"It wasn't my idea," Voldemort admitted, still managing to sound superior. "Fred and George Weasley did it."

"Have you the whole Weasley brood behind you?!" Antonin asked in surprise.

"Hardly," Harry answered. "Those three are just naturally Slytherin enough to consider the ideas of the Dark Order as well as those of the Light Order."

"Slytherin enough, or open-minded enough?" Rodolphus enquired.

"Gin, Fred, and George are Slytherin enough. Seam and Herm are open-minded enough," Harry replied, deciding that he liked Rodolphus, despite his wife.

"Interesting. Open-minded Gryffindors," Rodolphus muttered to himself, frowning in contemplation. "Who would have guessed?" He glanced up at Harry with a smirk.

Harry grinned. "Who indeed."

"My Lord, do you have a plan for the down-fall of Dumbledore?" Bellatrix asked, pulling the attention back to herself and the silent Dark Lord.

Voldemort glanced at Harry, who nodded and spoke seriously. "Actually, that's my job. Yes, we have a plan, no, I'm not letting you in on it. It's student run, currently, and it's staying that way."

Bellatrix did not look happy.

"If that is all?" Voldemort stood slowly, eyes sweeping over the small group.

"Of course, my Lord," Bellatrix, Antonin, and Wormtail replied. Rodolphus was watching Harry with a frown.

"A problem, Rodolphus?" Voldemort enquired mildly, eyes watching the Lestrange dangerously.

"No, my Lord," Rodolphus offered the Dark Lord a slight bow. "I was just wondering if it is allowable for me to remain and speak with Master Potter?"

"Rodolphus," Bellatrix hissed angrily.

Voldemort glanced at Harry. Up to you, love.

Sure. I like Rodolphus.
Harry shrugged.

"Very well. Rodolphus, you may stay. Bella, you may also stay, if you so wish, until your husband leaves," Voldemort decided. "Wormtail, Antonin, you are dismissed."

"Thank you, my Lord," Rodolphus replied as the other two wizards disapparated.

"Thank you, my Lord," Bellatrix echoed her husband hollowly.

Voldemort nodded. I'm going to put your cousin in the dungeons. Take the Lestranges with you to the study and tell Lucius to join me.

Harry smiled as Voldemort swept out of the room. "Follow me," he ordered the two Death Eaters.

Bellatrix narrowed her eyes at him. "I don't have to listen–"

Rodolphus pointed his wand at his wife. "Enough, Bella. Go home if you're planning to be like this again."

Bellatrix scowled, but closed her mouth.

Rodolphus nodded to Harry. "Lead the way, Master Potter."

Harry scowled. "Harry, please. When Voldemort is around, call me Master Potter, if you must. Otherwise, call me Harry."

Rodolphus smiled faintly. "Harry, then."

Harry nodded and led the way down the hall and back into the study. "Lucius?"

The Malfoy Head turned to look at Harry. "Yes?"

"Tom wants you to join him in the dungeons."

"Whatever could he want down there?"

Harry smirked. "I think he had to chain Dudley up so he'd quit whining."

This brought laughter from the students in the room and a faint smile from Lucius. "Very well. Inform him I'm on my way," the man requested before sweeping from the room.

He's coming.

Oh, good.

Harry smiled to himself as he turned back to the Lestranges. "Have seats. Please."

"Friends of yours?" Ginny said teasingly as she watched Bellatrix uneasily. Theodore slid and arm around her shoulders and pulled her against his chest protectively.

"Sort of," Harry agreed. "This is Rodolphus and Bellatrix Lestrange," he introduced. "Bellatrix, Rodolphus, I'm sure you're familiar with Draco Malfoy."

The Malfoy Heir nodded his head respectfully. "Uncle Rodolphus, Aunt Bellatrix."

"I keep forgetting Narcissa and Bellatrix are sisters…" Harry murmured, earning him a surprised look from Draco. "What? I saw it on a tapestry in the Black House."

"When were you in Grimmauld Place?" Bellatrix demanded.

"None of your business," the three Gryffindors shot back simultaneously. Then they all traded grins.

"Anyway, that's Theodore Nott. The red-head snuggling with him is the notorious Ginevra Weasley," Harry continued.

"Oh, so I'm notorious now, am I?" Ginny interrupted in amusement.

"Duh." Harry gave her an annoyed look before motioning to Hermione. "And this is Hermione Granger."

"A mudblood in Malfoy Manor?!" Bellatrix screeched in horror.

"Watch your language," Harry said sharply, sending the Death Eater a dangerous look. "That is unacceptable. Herm is a guest, just as you are."

Bellatrix sneered at Harry. "Watch the way you talk to your elders and betters, widdle Podder."

"I do believe I've warned you once already to respect Harry, Bella. Do not make me tell you a second time," Tom's voice floated over to them from the doorway. His scarlet eyes were narrowed dangerously at the witch.

"My Lord, I did not notice you come in," Bellatrix said with a deep bow.

"I do believe that was the point," Ginny bit out before Theodore could shut her up.

"Ginny!" Hermione hissed.

"Ginevra, that was uncalled for," Tom said mildly as he stepped over to Harry's chair.

"Sorry, Tom, but those two won't ever get along, and Bellatrix won't respect someone younger than her that she hasn't a reason to," Ginny pointed out, giving Hermione a sharp look as the older girl opened her mouth to berate her again.

Tom frowned at the young witch, as did Bellatrix. "Very good, girly."

Harry settled a hand on Tom's arm, rising, as the man opened his mouth to yell at Bellatrix. Let me try something.

Tom sighed.

Harry turned and walked over so he was directly in front of Bellatrix. "Let us get something straight, Bellatrix. I don't like you, and I doubt I ever will. However, if you continue to look down on me, you will find out just how much more proficient I've become at the Cruciatus Curse in two years. Are we clear?"

"Crystal," Bellatrix spat.

"Harry James Potter!" Hermione shouted. "When did you–"

"Hermione, stuff it." Harry spun and glared at his friend, who's mouth shut at the fire in his eyes. "I really don't feel like hearing all about how I shouldn't be performing Unforgivables."

"Even if they are poorly done," Bellatrix muttered under her breath.

Harry settled his wand between her eyes firmly. "Give me a reason, and I swear you'll regret it."

"Bella, stop annoying Harry," Lucius ordered. "And come with me; Narcissa was looking for you."

Bellatrix stood and glared at Harry, who was nearly the same height as her. Without a word, she left the room to follow Lucius to her sister.

Everyone was silent as Harry returned to his seat wearily. "Please don't stare at me," he murmured.

The group of students immediately started talking to one another. Rodolphus frowned at Harry. "Are you well?"

"He's tired," Tom answered, settling a hand on Harry's shoulder gently as he sat on the arm of Harry's chair.

"Lucius is going to murder you for sitting improperly on his furniture," Harry muttered, leaning his head against Tom's side and closing his eyes.

"Lucius will live. Do you need to go to bed?" the Dark Lord enquired softly as he wrapped an arm around the teen's shoulders.

"I'm fine."

Tom rolled his eyes and glanced at Rodolphus, who was smiling faintly. "Why ever are you smiling?"

"Because your hair's red again," Harry answered for the Death Eater, who really did smile at that.

Tom reached up and pulled a lock of hair around so he could get a good look at it and groaned. "Harry…"

"Looks good on you," was the young man's soft reply, punctured by a yawn.

"You're sure you don't want to go to bed?"

"Yes," Harry replied, sounding mildly annoyed.

Tom sighed and glanced over at the group of chatting students. "What are you four plotting?"

"Pranks," came the simultaneous reply.

"On whom?"

"The Order of the Phoenix."



"Other students."

"And you."

Tom scowled at Ginny while everyone else in the room laughed, even Rodolphus and Harry. "Why me?"

"Because you're a teacher," the red-head replied happily.

"Good Merlin, Harry. Stop teaching her things," Tom complained.

Harry snorted. "I haven't taught her hardly anything; Fred and George taught her all she knows."

"I should have known. Remind me to pellet their shop with pranks next time I'm in Diagon Alley."

"Hey, Tom?" Ginny said suddenly. "If my brothers want to be inducted, will you let them?"

"They have to follow protocol," Tom replied. "And no pranks."

"They're not going to like that last rule," Hermione offered, earning herself a light punch from Ginny. "What? They won't."

"Was that rhetorical, or plausible?" Tom enquired before the two witches could start an argument.

"No clue. They asked me last week and I promised to ask you when it was safe," Ginny replied, turning away from the glaring brunette.

"And what about yesterday?" Tom enquired mildly.

"I was angry at you."

"And the night before?"

"Too tired."

"Do you have an excuse for everything?"

"Actually, yes."

Tom rolled his eyes while the students laughed. "Really." He glanced down at Harry, who had fallen asleep against his side. "Why go to bed when I make a good pillow, I suppose." He sighed, leaning over to kiss the top of Harry's head gently before glancing back up at Rodolphus, who was smiling again. "What?"

"You're happy, my Lord," Rodolphus said by way of explanation. "I wasn't quite sure I'd live long enough to see you happy."

Tom scowled. "I see."

"It's not a weak sort of happy," the man mused. "Rather, a stronger one. You have friends who are almost equal to you, and someone you love. People to lean on."

Tom watched the man quietly for a long moment before nodding. "I suppose."

"Bella is jealous. I believe she had hoped she would get your love, rather than another."

"I'm well aware of that, but she'll have to get used to this," Tom replied firmly.

"Yes, I suppose she will." Rodolphus sighed. "And she'll have to get past this hatred of Harry, or she may find herself dead."

"She's too useful to kill," Tom shot back.

Rodolphus shook his head. "Be that as it may, my Lord, Harry does not like her in the least, and I doubt he finds her useful. If she keeps this up, he may kill her."

Tom glanced down at the sleeping teen. "That's what I'm afraid of. Harry's not a killer."

"He may become one." Rodolphus sighed regretfully. "I shall have to speak with Bella again."

Tom nodded. "Why are you so concerned about this? I know you and Bella didn't marry for love."

"Harry intrigues me. He's an interesting young man. And he's grown up a lot. He's not that little brat I remember first meeting two years ago who shot weak spells at us and hid behind sealed doors," Rodolphus admitted.

Tom ran a hand through Harry's wild hair gently. "Things change."

"Perhaps too much has changed."



“You need a shower.”

Harry turned to scowl at Tom. “Too tired.”

“A bath, then.”

Harry blinked at Tom slowly. “I’ll take a shower.” He turned to go into the bathroom, but paused at the door and smirked. “And, if I need a shower, so do you.”

“Good thing I was planning on taking one, then,” Tom murmured from right behind Harry.

Harry spun to look at Tom and almost lost his balance. The Dark Lord caught him and held him up. “I don’t need your help,” the teen muttered darkly, allowing Tom to lead him into the bathroom.

“Can you stand?”


“Then shut up and stop complaining,” Tom replied, pulling off Harry’s shirt.

Harry swatted at his hands and pulled away, glaring tiredly. “Stop that. And why can’t I take a shower in the morning?”

Tom sighed. “Because the Minister is going to be here early tomorrow morning and you need to look presentable, even if you’re not.”

Harry gaped at the man. “Fudge? Here? Why? Can’t Lucius tell him no?”

“Not really. This is all about Lucius’ loyalties, actually. Mine too, it appears,” he offered an ironic smile.

“Don’t you mean Marcus Brutùs’ loyalties? I don’t believe Tom Riddle’s loyalties have ever been in question,” Harry shot back, taking off his trousers slowly.

“Funny. Neither have Harry Potter’s,” Tom shot back, pulling his own shirt up and over his head, laying it neatly on the counter next to where he’d set Harry’s.

Harry flipped Tom the two-fingered salute and finished pulling off his pants before going over to start the shower. “Stupid Fudge.”

Tom laughed and set his trousers with their shirts before leaning down to pick up the rest of Harry’s clothing to set it up on the sink. When he glanced over at Harry, the teen was scowling. “What’s that look for?”

“Stop cleaning up after me.”

“Stop giving me a reason to,” Tom shot back, stepping up to the younger wizard and standing over him.

Harry snorted and got into the shower. “Neat-freak.”

Tom smiled and stepped into the shower behind Harry, wrapping his arms around the teen’s waist and leaning him against his chest, chin on the top of Harry’s head. “Hush.”

Harry sighed and closed his eyes, relaxing into the embrace. “I thought we were in here to take a shower.”

“We are,” Tom murmured, magically lathering up a bath puff and then picking it up to run it down Harry’s abdomen. The teen hummed softly in contentment and smiled. Tom leaned forward and, with his free hand, drew Harry’s lips to his gently.

Harry’s eyes shot open as Tom’s hand curled around his penis. Tom?

The elder wizard was stroking Harry gently with one hand while the other continued to wash him. Trust me.

Harry closed his eyes again and lost himself in the kiss as Tom’s tongue slid between his lips to dance within his mouth. Harry moaned into the kiss, raising a hand to tangle it in Tom’s hair.

Tom continued to stroke Harry gently but firmly, letting his hand with the bath puff slide between Harry’s legs to clean him there, purposefully knocking into Harry’s balls.

Harry let out a sharp gasp as he came in Tom’s hand. “Oh, you bastard,” he whispered, opening his eyes to look up into smiling scarlet ones. “You fucking bastard.”

“Calling me names again?” the Dark Lord replied softly.

“Is Fudge really coming tomorrow, or did you just say that to get me in the shower?” Harry wanted to know.

“He’s coming tomorrow, but not until much later in the afternoon. You could have taken a shower in the morning,” Tom admitted. “But you’ve been on edge since we got here and I wanted to see if this would help.”

“You really are a bastard, Tom,” Harry informed the Dark Lord.

“Perhaps.” Tom set a chaste kiss upon Harry’s lips with a smile. “But it worked.”

“Ugh.” Harry made a face. “Stop reading my mind, prat.”

“Then don’t leave it open,” Tom replied warmly.

“Easy for you to say,” Harry grumbled, letting his hand reach behind him to take a hold of Tom’s cock, which had been pressing into his back.

Tom let out a hiss. “Obviously not as easy as you think.”

Harry smirked and turned in Tom’s grasp so he could face the older wizard. "Sexually frustrated, love?" he enquired as his fingers danced along the blood-filled length.

:Yesss...: Tom hissed, closing his eyes.

Harry leaned up and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "Good for you," he said happily before hopping out of the shower and hurrying from the bathroom.

Tom groaned and let his head hit the shower's wall with a loud 'thunk'. Tease.

I love you!

You're a horrible, horrible child. It's a wonder the Hat ever even considered you for Gryffindor!

I know. G'night,
Harry responded cheerfully.

Good night. I'm going to finish my shower before I join you.

You mean you're going to wank.

Tom slammed his side of their connection closed and locked the bathroom door with a wave of his hand. Harry's laughter carried through the door and echoed around the bathroom, making Tom sigh. "Brat…"



A/N: This chapter was a real pain-in-the-arse to write, but horribly fun, once I got past the writer's block.

Oh, and, because I'm finally remembering to mention it, the goat whore thing, if you don't know already, came from the fourth book when everyone was in Hagrid's cabin after Skeeter breaks the story about Hagrid being half-Giant. Dumbles mentions his brother who got in trouble for practising illegal charms on a goat, or something of the like.

~Batsutousai ^.^x

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